9 Sources for Those Wanting to Learn About Same-Sex Marriage
by Saadia Rose, Amber Bookhard and Kieran Pettus

This is my group’s service-learning project for our Intro to Woman Studies course at USF. Each of us were responsible for providing 3 sources that would be helpful for those who want to learn more about same-sex relationships and marriage. We have listed them below and explained why each one is relevant. These go-to materials have been chosen from personal experience and/or in-depth research to provide the best information about the truth behind same-sex love. All of us strongly believe that those in the LGBTQ community deserve the same respect and right as those that are heterosexual. We are all humans and our sexual preference is irrelevant when it comes to love. Love is love.

An Act of Love (2015)

Synopsis: An Act of Love tells the story of an unwitting advocate in the fight for equal rights within the Church, Rev. Frank Schaefer, who had his ministerial credentials revoked in December 2013 after officiating his son’s same-sex wedding. Will Rev. Schaefer’s trial be the final breaking point for the Church? Or will his story be the final chapter in the long struggle for LGBTQ equality within the UMC? To find out more, click here

Why you should watch: Not only is this a phenomenal film, but it is a magnificent portrayal of how religion plays a large role in the LGBTQ community. It shows how important it is to normalize sexuality in our society because the fear of hate and being rejected can be detrimental.

  • Same Sex Marriage : A Gay Documentary For The LGBT Community

Synopsis: This documentary shows different views on same-sex marriage. It allows its viewers to obtain a variety of ideas about the topic at hand. It does this while announcing the central problem surrounding same-sex marriage. You can watch the documentary here!

Why you should watch: It reveals the sad reality behind some of those in the LGBTQ community. Same-sex marriage used to be a horrible idea and same-sex couples were beyond afraid to even “come out”. The film illuminates normalization of same-sex marriage. This documentary also offers great examples to defend same-sex couples. This is also a great history lesson on LGBTQ rights.

Debating Same-Sex Marriage by John Corvino and Maggie Gallagher

Overview: This is a book that explains the pros and cons of same-sex marriage. It offers both views to those that are interested in the topic. Corvino presents his case as to why same-sex marriage should be legally recognized, and then Gallagher explains why it should not. You can find this book on Amazon!

Why you should read: The authors argue the main idea that marriage is a vital public institution, this issue deserves a comprehensive, rigorous, thoughtful debate. This w really well thought out discusison on the topic. It is beyond educational. Great way to help everyone open their mind. It does not persuade its readers, which is a really good reason to  read this. 

Out and About (2014)

Synopsis: Out and About is a YouTube LGBTQ documentary regarding the lives of young ‘queer’ women, discussing equality, sexuality and gender identity and their individual experiences.The aims of this project are to get the word out, in order to educate others and offer support and guidance for those who are struggling. Watch is here now!

Why you should watch: This documentary displays courage, love, and the obstacle of soul searching. It gives you a glimpse into the hardships of being judged in this lifestyle.  This documentary allows others who are struggling with their true identity to understand that there is no one better than you, and love to themselves wholeheartedly. It’s free on youtube which makes it easily accessible. This can help our community by spreading awareness of the hardships it is to be in a same sex relationship, and making our community more open to same sex relationships so no one feels excluded or judged.

Lady GaGa’s LGBTQ Speech (2009)

Synopsis: Lady Gaga, A-List celebrity who is known for her quirky style, and undeniable confidence decided to take the stage to give a speech on the infamous speech “The Prime Rib of America.”  In this speech she ridicules this subject by constantly asking rhetorical questions allowing the audience to reflect and review the law we all live(d) by. Read the transcript to her speech on MTV.

Why you should watch: Growing up in a military family, I witnessed this as a child. My mother had to act like she was dating her gay best friend because of this law. However, although this speech is talking about the gay rights associated with military this isn’t only aimed towards military, it’s aimed towards everyone in America. This speech gives us a reality check. The same person that is on the front line for our country has to be ‘dishonorably’ discharged because of their sexual preference is a scary thought. This speech helps and has helped our community in various ways. Bringing the issue to light creates unity and a beautiful collaboration within the LGBT community. Don’t ask don’t tell ended in 2011.

Same Love (2012)

Synopsis: Macklemore used his talents to write a song and music video about gay rights and wanted to spread awareness within the Hip Hop community. Macklemore knew that he would be able to touch people and make a revolutionary point to stop the flagrant use of ‘gay’ as a derogative term in the hip-hop industry, and the world.

Why you should watch: We can all relate to music in some way or form. Music is therapeutic and controversial and this song is no different. It really gets you thinking.Macklemore adds in personal insight and powerful lyrics:

When I was at church they taught me something else

If you preach hate at the service those words aren’t anointed

That holy water that you soak in has been poisoned


If I was gay, I would think hip-hop hates me

Have you read the YouTube comments lately?

“Man, that’s gay” gets dropped on the daily

We become so numb to what we’re saying

These lyrics bring up the issues with gay rights within our churches and hip hop community. This helps our community by spreading awareness and changing daily and common lingo that doesn’t seem hurtful, but is.

Boys Don’t Cry (1999)

Synopsis: This movie is based on true events of a girl whom’s identity as a woman did not reflect her true feelings as to her own self identity. After deciding to identify as male, he (Brandon Teena, played by Hilary Swank) moves to Nebraska in hopes of finding true love. During the search, Brandon experiences much hardship including violence, rape, and discrimination.

Why you should watch: This movie give you direct insight to the troubled lives many members of the LGBTQ community face, from a second hand account. It allows any person to share some of the more graphic moments inside the life of a person who is transgender and I think the effect of it would curate compassion for the community and raise support for all of that have had to go through the physical, emotional, mental, and psychological  abuse.

Trans Vet’s T-Shirt Is Powerful Reality Check: ‘I Fought For Your Right To Hate Me’ 

Overview: This is an article posted by The Huffington Post that puts on display the voice of an American veteran that has served a country, HER country, that does not support her being transgender. Read the article now!

Why you should read: We all have some type of connection with our country’s military, whether it be a family member or friend that has/is enlisted or even our own opinions about it. Whatever connection each individual has will make this article resonate to show how people that are transgender are still humans that deserve the same amount of respect and support as the next person.

More Trans People Have Been Killed in 2015 Than Ever Before

Overview: This report shows statistics on the number of transgender deaths that occured in 2015. 

Why you should read: The numbers and reports on these deaths will hit home for everyone that reads it. After reading it, the awareness of the treatment given to the LGBTQ community will foster the willingness for any person to want to stand up for what is right. There is a link embedded that further shares personal stories of other violent occurrences coming directly from the person that experienced them. The link also provided steps or plans of action any individual could take to support the community against the hatred.(The embedded link is below)


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