Social Media Specialist

Fun Facts! 

I love to write!

I write about everything and anything.

I'm a dog-mom!

My beautiful PitBull is 1 year & 7 months old.

I'm from Florida!

Born & raised, currently residing in Tampa.


I graduated with my Bachelor's in Communications.

I lived in England for a month!

I finished my degree studying in London.

I love acting!

My dream is to become an actress.

Saadia Rose

Hey there, I'm Saadia Rose!

& I turned my teenage obsession into a passion.

I'm a Social Media Specialist.

What does that even mean?

As a Social Media Specialist, I assist self-motivated entrepreneurs that need a little hand creating a phenomenal online presence. So basically, I allow entrepreneurs to focus on their BUSINESS and the rest of their BRAND without worrying about their social media presence.

I was just like the other teenage girls that grew an obsession with social media. I was the one on MySpace that taught herself as much coding in order to create an awesome profile. (Yes, I was bummed that Facebook didn't have it - still bummed.)  It wasn’t until after high school when my obsession turned into my passion. A passion that drove me to help others. Some view social media as a task, while I enjoy strategizing and creating phenomenal online presences.