hairrrrrBelieve it or not, I used to hate my name. As a child, I got fed up with people always saying my name wrong and constantly asking me where I am from because my name is weird. It was hard when I was younger because all I knew was that Saadia is my name. I did not know any origin of it, other than it was my Grandmother’s name. What annoyed me the most was that not only was my first name hard to pronounce – my last name was impossible. Saadia Bendagha. You can put it in front of a 6 year old and a 60 year old and still not get the correct pronunciation. Now, you may be thinking, “That’s unique. You should embrace your name.” Ten years ago, I would have completely disagreed. I went to the farthest extent to even try to change my name. I took on another name to try to cover my annoying, hard to pronounce name. When I was 10 years old, I renamed myself as Sarah. Sarah Rose. I know that sounds kind of creepy, but I was a child that did not understand what being different was all about. Sarah was just a common name that I loved and Rose came from my middle name which I got from my other Grandmother; Rosalind, we use Rose for short. As I grew up, I learned more about my name and more even about myself. Saadia is an Arabic term for happiness. I felt better knowing that it has a positive connotation. My name was going to be Zoe, if it was left up to my mom. Zoe means life, which is not a bad thing. But as I grew up, I learned more about life and how happiness is a crucial part to living. I feel that happiness suits me better – Saadia. I learned to embrace being different and finally chose to grow myself through my name. I am Saadia Rose.

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  1. Great story, Saadia. Well said. You have a talent for clearly examining your emotions and expressing how you feel!

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